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The Society publishes a wide range of book monographs. Some of the more recent publications are shown below. Prices shown are for members. A full list of publications together with prices for members and non members may be obtained from the Secretary. Postage is added to the price of each book. Download an order form

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The Historical Society of the Northern Territory engages in an active publishing program. If you are interested in publishing in our Journal please contact the General Editor, Clayton Fredericksen, email clayton.fredericksen@cdu.edu.au.

Northern Territory Historical Studies

The journal publishes material on the history of the Northern Territory or on subjects which have some relevance to Northern Australia. The journal’s editorial committee welcomes the submission of articles, extracts from primary sources, book reviews, and notes on appropriate topics, which it can consider for publication. See: Information for Authors.


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Baker Gwenda 2018

A Legendary Partnership: Yolnu, Bapa Sheppy and Nandi Ella

The book tells the story of the Yolnu and two missionaries, Harold & Ella Shepherdson who lived in Arnhem Land for 50 years. Together they built the town on Elcho Island working side by side to develop the infrastructure needed. Harold used his planes to connect with Yolnu living inland and in other places along the coast. He encouraged the Yolnu to protect their land by staying on their country.

$35.00 Postage $14.00

FARRAM Steven 2018

"Two Excellent Girls" : Cissy and Clara McLeod, the Northern Territory 'half-caste' Foster Daughters of Captain and Mrs Mugg

The true story of two sisters born in Borroloola, NT who lived in Darwin with their foster parents during the early 1900s. In 1922, they left Darwin for Singapore and never returned to live in the Territory again. The McLeod sisters achieved a lot considering how Aboriginal people were treated at that time. Their ultimate fates were tragic but their lives in Darwin had been successful.

$35.00 Postage $5.00


The Intrepid Hilda Abbott

Author, Designer, Red Cross Officer, Political Wife, 1890-1984

Hilda Abbott was the wife of the Northern Territory Administrator, CLA Abbott. The frequently unfair criticisms regarding Hilda's behaviour during and immediately after the Japanese bombing of Darwin in February 1941 are forensically examined. Pam also writes about her achievements while working for the Red Cross and as an interior designer. It is the story of a woman who, while not without noticeable flaws, showed great determination, kindness and loyalty. Her legacy is far more positive and varied than is often portrayed in the historical record.



Charles James Kirkland

Charles Kirkland arrived in Palmerston (Darwin) in 1878, less than a decade after the settlementís establishment. Kirkland proved to be one of the NTís most enduring and successful pioneers and was one of the best-known individuals in Palmerston/Darwin of his day. He had a long career as editor and owner of the Northern Territory Times and Gazette. He was also active in the social, civic and political life of the town and as a result became well-acquainted with all the major figures in the community.




A history of Darwin during the time it was ruled by Canberra. A well researched and complete history of Darwin.




James Millner was a significant figure during the early years of Darwin's development. He was a senior South Australian public servant and was involved in a range of civic organisations.